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BARBATO Jean-christophe


Bangkok - +66 (0) 8 24 89 83 80

The Principle

The principle is simple, at first, you just need to contact Jean-Christophe BARBATO.           Then, the chef will come to your home to get to know you and check that you have all the utensils he needs in your kitchen. If not, he will take care of bringing what he might need. That same day, you can decide together on a date and a menu, depending on the number of guests, etc.

The benefits of a home chef

For all of these reasons, hiring a chef at home is a small luxury that is well worth it because it allows you to enjoy a real restaurant meal in your own home, without making any effort, and all this for a price relatively similar to what you would pay when dining out. You benefit from the talent and know-how, you enjoy the table service and the absence of dishes to do while avoiding the traditional inconveniences of restaurants (noise, smoke, not very personal service, waiting between courses etc.).


Passionate about cooking since he was 16, he has worked with some of the great starred chefs of Paris. His curiosity and multiple experiences influence his cooking. His perpetual research combining exceptional products, new flavours and play on textures invites you to travel through his culinary universe, which he will be delighted to share. Today, he is convinced that cooking is a matter of feelings.

His creations


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